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Email marketing campaigns – how to maximise your return

Email marketing tips you can use today

An email marketing campaign can offer highly cost effective and measurable sales channel. You can personalise your message, test new ideas out and track the results - taking some of the guess work out of future campaigns.

The following PDF reveals five key email marketing tips for B2B marketers that will help you take full advantage of your email marketing lists and maximise sales:

Introduction to email marketing – download PDF

Buying Email data

Ensuring your email marketing data is accurate, legally compliant and up to date is essential to your campaign’s success. B2B Marketers need to ask their email data provider ten key questions to ensure that they get the best results from their email marketing lists:

Buying email data – download PDF

Building great emails

An email often makes the initial contact with your audience, so it’s vital you make a great first impression. The following guide explains why your email design and build matter and how you can make potential improvements.

Building great emails – download PDF

Email reporting

Bounce rate, CTR, conversion rate – what does it all mean? One of the key benefits of an email marketing campaign is the ability to be able to send your message to your audience quickly along with the ability to track the results. With effective email reporting, you can improve results with each subsequent email marketing campaign by acting on what you have learned.

Email reporting – download PDF

You can build and download your new business list today. If you would like to talk to someone about buying email data, you can call Experian B2B Prospector on 0870 012 1111.

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